Body Work Treatment

Realign your body's Structure by improving your soft tissue and elongating your muscle's current state. Bodywork treatment consists of buffing, active release, Graston, Stretching, and cupping depending on the modalities needed after assessment. Assessment is made through each consult where your current issues will be discussed including, inhibited range of motion in lifts, or pains. During or after treatment you will be asked to demonstrate the movements that present pain or limited range of motion to make sure the area has been treated accordingly to the initial assessment.

Single Session $70./Hr

5 pack -  $65./Hr Per Session

10 pack -  $60./Hr Per Session



6:00AM-12:00PM         7:00AM -12:00PM

5:15PM- 8:45PM          4:30PM - 8:45PM



​SATURDAY             SUNDAY

 CLOSED​                10am -12pm





15520 West Dixie Hwy

North Miami Beach, FL 33162