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Who Are We?

Here at Empower Lift, we specialize in Strength training for aesthetics and Injury Rehabilitation. 
Many of our clients understand that strength training will help them achieve the look they want as well as fix many of their physical limitations. This has shaped our facility into a small group personal training atmosphere allowing us to treat and alleviate past injuries and limitations in-house. We offer a variety of programs from Strength Training Classes, to competitive Weightlifting and Powerlifting Programs, to Personalized training to build the physique of your dreams combined with bodywork to keep you mobile and injury-free. We are also a dog and kid friendly gym, having a Facility that accommodates our four-legged companions.




6:00AM-12:00PM         7:00AM -12:00PM

5:15PM- 8:45PM          4:30PM - 8:45PM



​SATURDAY             SUNDAY

 CLOSED​                10am -12pm





15520 West Dixie Hwy

North Miami Beach, FL 33162